50 Colon Cleanse


How to take
Take up to 8 capsules before bed . Drink with 8 oz ++water or lime lemon water

What we suggest
Schedule a colonic near your area if you are constipated. For example if you eat 3 meals per day and only poop once per day. Keep everything moving by avoiding bread pasta refined sugar, cheese, milk, pork, beef and fast processed foods. Exercise Daily. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits for the FIBER. DRINK WATER

What it does
Our body absorbs and collects a HUGE amount of toxic waste everyday. The food we eat, toxic chemicals, bacteria, viruses, fungus, mold and yeast our immune system kills, and the metabolic waste our cells excrete into our system. When our cells die they create over 100 pounds of of dead cells each year alone! All that waste, from the stomach, liver, gallbladder, and blood gets sent to our bowls which, in the case of almost everyone, is terribly backed up. COLON CLEANSE is a powerful formula designed to help move it all out.

Congested bowels can lead to a host of health problems.

When undigested foods build up in the colon causing obstruction, a host of parasites, bacteria, & overall toxins feast on the obstruction creating an imbalance of homeostasis & causing the body to have flare ups of symptoms. These ingredients kill harmful bacteria, addresses digestive issues, cleanses the digestive tract & stimulates motion in the intestines to break up putrid waste.

Promotes Blood circulation, drains Liver, removes toxic heat from the gut, dispels parasites and relieves pain.

What's in it
50 vegetarian capsules · up to 30 days